Cleaning up

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What do you do when your out on the trail, working on the jeep and your hands get all greasy and dirty? Find the nearest mud puddle and try to clean them off? Wipe them on your shirt maybe? Some hand cleaner sure would be nice. Too bad your 100 miles from nowhere.

What about when your out working on your jeep out in the garage and you need to clean up to do something inside the vehicle. You don't want all that oil and grease on your steering wheel. You could go in the house and clean up. That's a waste of time, and your going to get the sink dirty that your wife just cleaned.  

The solution: Get yourself some Gojo fast clean wipes. These things work great, they clean the nastiest stuff off your hands and arms and no water is required. The towels are moistened with a powerful cleaner, but they feel gritty just like Gojo hand cleaner with pumice. Usually it only takes one and my hands are clean.

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