Jeeps July Sales are Up for the 22nd Month in a Row

Let’s just say July was the month for Jeeps since 2005. This can be mainly because Jeeps, specifically the Wrangler is known as a summer car that you drive with the top down and big ol’ tires running down the road. Even Jake Mallett, who is a sales manager at Yark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram said, “The Wrangler sells itself. All the different modifications you can do to it -- taking the top off, it's a great summertime vehicle. It's also a four-wheel drive vehicle for the wintertime. And the Cherokee is a great all-around vehicle. It leads the way in miles per gallon.”

All this comes after the recent news of Americas biggest recall that fined the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group $105 million. FCA’s profits for the second quarter jumped to 69% which brings them an extra $336 million which mainly came from strong Jeep sales. This is Jeeps 22nd consecutive month of sales increasing which is setting itself up real well for the Jeep Renegade. The Renegade is doing great in Brazil and having a bit of trouble in China. Those are the two countries that Jeep has just created new factories in to increase sales in South America and Asia.

Another new story about the FCA group is the recent hack that was found that can hack into other drivers Jeeps and control the car. It is almost like they are feeding off of it and using it as a way to bring in more sales. This can be done because Fiat Chrysler Automobile is coming out with a new fix for the hack and there will be tutorials being passed out too.

On the other hand, Dodge did take a loss with a -12.7% even though the Charger, Challenger, and journey are doing extremely well in sales. Even Fiat is down 15% with the new 500X failing to meet results that were expected. However, Chrysler is doing better by 6.3% that is almost directly because of the Chrysler 200.