Jeep Sales Are Only Increasing Year by Year

Last year in 2014 Jeep came out to be the hottest selling car of the year again. Made in 1941, it had been doing well for itself as it was not a civilian car but also used in the Military. Fiat gained control of Chrysler Group which includes Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and SRT in 2009 and later gained full control in 2013. They must have known what they were doing because just in the first 6 months of 2014, Fiat sold 392,000+ Jeeps in North America alone. This is a 44 percent change from the last years first 6 months. Just in 2014, it sold about 1.02 million Jeeps worldwide which is a whopping 39% increase from 2014. That number is looking to be doubled within 5 years.

Good sales bar graph

To get higher sales numbers, Jeep is expanding its factories all the way to Brazil and China. This should increase workforce and sales in other countries or even continents. Jeeps five main reasons they will grow the way they plan for are because of these.

1. Expand their line up.

The Jeep Renegade is Jeeps new model coming out yet it is a very interesting one. It is almost a crossover car, maybe telling us Jeep might come out with a sedan or hatchback? in 2018, the Grand Wagoneer is set to make a rebirth also.

2. Build more factories in different continents.

As said earlier, Jeep is opening up factories in other countries like China and Brazil. This will ultimately bring countries those continents are in, a more economical approach to purchasing Jeeps.

3. Open up more dealerships.

As a part of the strategy of doubling sales within 5 years, opening up a better means to access those cars will be really helpful. This is why Jeep is opening up more dealerships but most of them will be in Europe and Latin America, going back to our thought earlier. The new factories in other countries are for cheaper prices in those continents.

4. Bring back what was working and take out what isn't.

When they realized the Jeep Liberty was not doing as well as it should have been they knew it was time to change some stuff around. When they took out the Jeep Liberty, they brought back the Cherokee since it was a flagship car of Jeeps for a while

5. Redesigns of new Jeeps

They know people can grow tired quick in this day in age where technology is moving so quick. That is why they are redesigning their flagship vehicles the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee. Both of them have gotten a new redesign and have another one coming out in 2017.

There are many reasons as to why Jeeps have been doing much better than before. It has recently updated and improved its product line adding newer models and newer packages also. You must remember one thing, no car company has pulled this off having only SUV's in its own line up, especially at a time like this with the gas prices so high. It can also be that the economy is booming more than it was 5 years ago and Fiat saw the light in Jeep, especially with the new wrangler models.